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Here you can book your 1-2-1 online guitar lesson with Alex Hutchings at a time that suits you. Scroll down or head over to the 'Lessons' tab to get started!

Alex welcomes players of all abilities and styles with an emphasis on intermediate and advanced. 

We're aware that Alex's playing can be somewhat intimidating at times but rest assured he is a very patient

and encouraging teacher. So whatever your experience there is something to learn for everyone.

Which Style are you?

Which Style are you?

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Electric Guitar

So awesome to hang with you today! Booked for next week. I know you'll help my playing transcend.

Playing Guitar

Alex, this was fantastic and great over Zoom. Already booked another one.

Book of Chords

It was a great session and got me inspired again to move forward and put the effort in to take my playing to the next level.

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